Sonoma Graphic Products is proud to be the West Coast distributor for ASLAN, a manufacturer offering a dynamic range of self-adhesive vinyls for highly diverse markets and applications such as graphic applications (sign making and digital printing), painting and spraying, sandblasting, architecture and interior design, office and organisation, lamp shade production, book protection and repair, arts and crafts, industrial applications and contract coating.

Check out the complete list of available products from ASLAN – just scroll through the categories below to quickly link to specific products. Then call your local sales rep for a sample or to learn more!

MagicProtect - ASLAN SL 99

Spray paint repellent Anti Graffiti PVC film, 3.15 mil, easy to clean suitable for UV prints, 54″x150

SoftTouch - ASLAN SL 109

Protection PP-film with SoftTouch-Surface, matte, 1.4 mil, fully anti-glare, 54″x150′

GlassColour ASLAN CT 113

Transparent colored film for applications on glass, 49″ x 25 yrds

WrapTheHouse Gloss - ASLAN DFP45

White, glossy digital printing film for rough walls and outdoor facades such as bricks, 54″x75′

WrapTheHouse Matte- ASLAN DFP 55

Self-adhesive matte digital printing film for rough interior and exterior walls, 54″x150′

UltraTack Transparent DFP06

Transparent, glossy film with extra strong adhesion for difficult surfaces, 54″x150′

LoopPET White - ASLAN DRL 19

White PET, 1.9 mil film (made from 30% recyclable PET) removable adhesive, 54″x150′


Clear PET, 1.9 mil film (made from 70% recyclable PET) removable adhesive, 54″x150′


Highly reflective, scratch-resistant mirror effect film in silver and gold, 49×75

FerroSoft ASLAN FF 410

Self-adhesive, black flexible ferrous film, suitable for magnets, PVC free, 39.76″x42′

FerroSoft ASLAN FF 480

Printable, especially flexible ferrous film for placing magnets, 39.76″x42′

FerroSoft Whiteboard ASLAN FF550

Extremely flexible ferrous film for placing magnets, whiteboard finish, 54″x30′

MagneTack - ASLAN MT 400

Self-adhesive magnetic film, 15.7 mil

PrintEtched Dryapply - DFL 300

Printable decoration film with etched glass effect, easy dry application, 54″x150′, 60″x150′

PrintEtched Dryapply - DFL 302

Printable decoration film with silver etched glass effect for easy dry application, 54″x150′

PrintDusted Dryapply - DFL 200

Printable glass decorative film with dusted look, easy dry application, 49.55″ x 55′