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Products » Equipment (Cutters - Trimmers) » Foster-Keencut Technic - Adv. Rotary Cutter
Foster-Keencut Technic - Adv. Rotary Cutter
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Foster-Keencut Technic - Adv. Rotary Cutter

Foster-Keencut Technic - Adv. Rotary Cutter
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Product Overview:
Once in a while a truly innovative tool is introduced that is so obviously technically superior that it evokes the question "why didn't someone think of that before".
Keencut Technic is just such a product. Remarkably different to any other rotary cutter, the Keencut Technic is the culmination of 34 years experience in the design and manufacture of world-class advanced cutting machines.
Made possible with the astonishing power of computer design, the unique sub-surface monorail bearing system and twin cutting wheels address the shortcomings inherent in every rotary cutter on the market today. The Keencut Technic has no overhead guide mechanism to obscure the cut line, the mechanism cannot distort under heavy cutting pressure. The two tungsten steel cutting wheels give unrivalled performance and long life with two way cutting on every one of the 13 models in the range.

-Wide 400mm (15 3/4") all aluminium extruded and silver anodised base for strength and straightness.

-Smooth, elegant ultra modern design for years of good looks.

-Excellence in build quality from in-house computer controlled component manufacturing.

-Outstanding value for money only possible using the latest assembly technology

-21st Century material technology in all components for the finest performance and precision

-Smooth Hardened sliding track and low friction bearings & Guaranteed for 20 years

-5 year full guarantee excluding replacement cutting wheels

-Award winning customer service

-Extensive range of useful accessories

-Outstanding value for money

- 42in ... #KT07
- 60in ... #KT10
- 120in ... #KT13

Foster-Keencut Manufacturing

Product Datasheet:
..... 282_datasheet.pdf

Shelf Life: Foster-Keencut Technic - Adv. Rotary Cutter has a shelf life of 12 months after receipt from Sonoma Graphic Products. Storage (new and partially used rolls): For quality reasons Foster-Keencut Technic - Adv. Rotary Cutter should be stored and converted under conditions of 35-65% relative humidity and at a temperature of 10-30°C. Storage of open rolls: When an open roll of media is not being used » remove the roll from the printer » cover the roll with a plastic bag to protect it from contaminants » if you are storing it on end, use an end plug and tape down the edge to prevent damage to the edge of the roll » do not lay sharp or heavy objects on unprotected rolls and do not stack them.
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