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Products » Media- Solv,UV,Latex (Backlit / Window Films) » MACtac IMAGin Bfree Bubble Free Window Film
MACtac IMAGin Bfree Bubble Free Window Film

Product Overview:
What are B•free® Window Films?
Frosted and Dusted are 3.1 mil matte translucent vinyl with special finishes for etched, sandblasted, or frosted effects. Clear is a 3.1 mil gloss clear vinyl. Graphics can be printed in reverse to be read though glass. The clear acrylic permanent adhesive features Mactac’s proprietary air-egress structure for fast, easy, no-mess DRY application and a smooth print surface. They are designed to be used on flat or simply curved clear and translucent surfaces and for backlit graphics.

Adhesive Category - Bubble Free
Adhesive Type - Permanent Acrylic
Color - Clear
Films - Vinyl (PVC)
Finish - Frosted, Dusted, Gloss
Liner Category - 80# Polycoated Kraft
Outdoor Durability - 5 Years
Precise Program - N
Thickness - 3.1 mil

Ink Compatibility:
- 54x82ft ... #MT JJ5796MBF Frosted
- 54x82ft ... #MT JJ5798MBF Dusted
- 54x82ft ... #MT JJ5999MBF Clear


Product Datasheet:
..... 2206_datasheet.pdf

Shelf Life: MACtac IMAGin Bfree Bubble Free Window Film has a shelf life of 12 months after receipt from Sonoma Graphic Products. Storage (new and partially used rolls): For quality reasons MACtac IMAGin Bfree Bubble Free Window Film should be stored and converted under conditions of 35-65% relative humidity and at a temperature of 10-30°C. Storage of open rolls: When an open roll of media is not being used » remove the roll from the printer » cover the roll with a plastic bag to protect it from contaminants » if you are storing it on end, use an end plug and tape down the edge to prevent damage to the edge of the roll » do not lay sharp or heavy objects on unprotected rolls and do not stack them.
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