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Products » Equipment (Laminators - Seal) » Image 80 Pro Laminator
Image 80 Pro Laminator
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Image 80 Pro Laminator

Image 80 Pro Laminator
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Product Overview:
Looking to produce extra wide signs and displays with ease? Look no further than the new SEAL 80 Pro!

This dual-heated, 80" wide mounter, laminator and encapsulator has been designed to simplify the handling of over-sized prints for single person operation.

An extended version of the successful SEAL 62 Pro, this incredible laminator has all of the performance-led features you would expect from SEAL plus the following unique features:

• Innovative feed table with integrated tensioning rollers, roll/image trough and flip down image guide

for optimum media handling and feeding.
• Flip-up pull rollers for flatter, smooth encapsulation and easy access when not encapsulating

• Combi-supply shafts for maximum flexibility

• Ergonomic touch pad control panel on a pivot arm for front or rear operation

• Output slitters to trim image to size during operation

• Automatic upper take-up shaft for removing release liners

• Trip cord for operator safety

- Maximum working width 80" (2000 mm)

- Maximum heated width 80" (2000 mm)

- Maximum substrate thickness 1 1/2" (38mm)

- Maximum speed 20 ft./min. (6m/min)

- Electrical requirements 1N/PE-230 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60Hz 40A,

Product Notes:
Feed table with tensioning rollers, flip down image guide, Combi-supply shafts, Toch pad contol center on pivot arm for front/rear operation, output slitters and more.

Seal Equipment

Product Datasheet:
..... 159_datasheet.pdf

Shelf Life: Image 80 Pro Laminator has a shelf life of 12 months after receipt from Sonoma Graphic Products. Storage (new and partially used rolls): For quality reasons Image 80 Pro Laminator should be stored and converted under conditions of 35-65% relative humidity and at a temperature of 10-30°C. Storage of open rolls: When an open roll of media is not being used » remove the roll from the printer » cover the roll with a plastic bag to protect it from contaminants » if you are storing it on end, use an end plug and tape down the edge to prevent damage to the edge of the roll » do not lay sharp or heavy objects on unprotected rolls and do not stack them.
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