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Printable Pop-up Display (Platinum IV) - Pop-up Display

Printable Pop-up Display (Platinum IV)
A new type of pop-up display with the look and feel of fabric, the saturation and resolution of high-end inkjet, all on a ridgid yet rollable display material that will not tunnel.

Popup displays are notorious for tunneling. The reason this occurs so often is that these displays are constructed from multiple layers of disimilar materials (laminate, imaging media, opaque backers) that will delaminate in areas to help relieve the stress created by rolling and unrolling these glued together materials.

In addition to tunneling, the current methods require at least 3 steps (imaging, laminating, mounting) with the risk of failure in each step. Because there is a risk of failure in each step, the greater the number of steps, the higher the waste factor. The greatest risk comes in the finishing step. Anytime media is run through a laminator either more than one time or as a sheet instead of a roll, the percentage and cost of failure both increase dramatically.

Material: Fabric Material e.g. SGP Moroccan Veil
Rip Software/Printer: Onyx/Mimaki users ... complete set of profiles available
Resolution: 720DPI uni or bi-directional, Fast print speed
Heat: 45*C pre-heat and print-heat
Takeup: take up finished print on take-up roller with some (1-2 feet) of leader on both ends

Material: Heat assisted Stoplight; wrap Stoplight material on bottom roller @ 180*F; wrap printed fabric (e.g. Moroccan Veil) on top roller @ 180*F
Pressure: 100PSI
Speed: 3-5 feet per minute

If your laminator has 1 heated roller instead of 2, wrap the fabric material around the heated roller @ 210*F and run at 1-2 feet per minute.

The finished product has the fabric look and feel of the fabric material (e.g. Maroccan Veil) and the heat assisted adhesive has penetrated the body of the fabric to not only seal the edges of the fabric for good cutting, but firmly attaches the fabric to the stoplight with no chance of tunneling or delamination.

List Of Compatible Media:
- Stoplight 220
- Stoplight 320
- Stoplight 115/ DISCONTINUED 6/11/12
- Venetian Heavy Canvas
- Egyptian Sail Cloth
- Moroccan Veil

List Of Compatible Printers:
- EcoSolvent Printer - all models
Printable Pop-up Display (Platinum IV) - Pop-up Display
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