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Printing on Clear Acrylic - Sign Making

Printing on Clear Acrylic
Due to the low surface energy on acrylic sheeting, most inks have a very difficult time adhering to material. It is not because of the smoothness of the surface, since both clear polycarborate and glass are printable substrates, the surfaces are typically as smooth or smoother than clear acrylic. Waterbased inks (used in H.P printers) solvent based inks (used in Mimaki or Vutek printers) and UV cured inks (such as those used in Ligget & Platt printers) are all incapable of producing high quality durable graphics images on acrylic.

To solve this problem, Sonoma Graphic Products has released “Platinum Transparent Imaging film” (VCPVC). This completely transparent imaging film is designed to accept solvent and UV cure inks, and when applied to the surface of acrylic it becomes so transparent that it is virtually undetectable. VCPVC’s transparent solvent acrylic adhesive bonds permanently to acrylic and will not “silver” or “cloud” over time. VCPVC’s surface is perfectly tuned to accept today’s solvent and UV cure inks and to produce a cohesive bond between inks and the acrylic substrate that is both optically clear and durable.

The same material can be used on a variety of substrates that are unprintable. Dibond, metalized foam board, MDF and countless numbers of other material can be imaged, and the original look and structure (such as brushed aluminum) can be preserved.
Printing on Clear Acrylic - Sign Making
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