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SGP Platinum II - Window Graphic Solution

SGP Platinum II
A sample of Intellicoats Magic Brand 5mil Backprint Polyester Film and SGP's Repositionable Clear Window Mounting Adhesive produces a unique 2 way viewable window graphic that is easy to install and easy to remove.

With a single image side, this combination produces an image that can be viewed equally well from both inside or outside daytime or nighttime. Viewing can be even more enhanced in the daytime when mounting to a south facing window or at night with interior lighting. Because bi-directional viewing is achieved with a single image, this solution is best suited for graphic images with no numbers or lettering.

To find out which of our window graphic solutions best fits your need, consider the following questions:

1. Do I want to mount my window graphic inside or outside?

2. Do I want to view my window graphic from:
A - The Inside
B - The Outside
C - Both

3. Does my window graphic image contain text or numbers?

4. Do I want to be able to look through the window graphic to see clearly outside?

5. Do I want to be able to view the window graphic:
A - During the day
B - During the night
C - Both day and night

6. How long do I want my window graphic to last?

7. If viewability from only one direction is reqired, how must the non-viewing side appear:
A - Totally opaque (no shine through)
B - Mostly opaque (some shine through)
C - Doesn't matter (any amount of shine through is OK)

8. Will the side of the window on which the graphic is installed, need to be washed during the life of the graphic?

Sonoma Graphic Products offers a multitude of solutions for nearly any Windo Graphic Application. Take a moment to answer these 8 questions and then call or email your answers to our customer service hotline (800) 250-4252 or info@sgpweb.com and we will respond with a customized solution to fit your unique needs.

Other window graphic solutions are:

Platinum II.2
Low cost one way viewing with medium to high shine through, pigmented or dye ink compatible but limited night visibility.

Platinum II.3
One way viewing, medium shine through. Pigmented or dye ink compatible. Excellent night visibility.

Platinum II.4
Two way viewing, zero shine through, pigmented or dye ink compatible with limited night visability.

Platinum II.5
One way viewing with view through (see through graphic clearly), zero shine through, pigmented or dye ink compatible, limited to poor night visibility.
SGP Platinum II - Window Graphic Solution
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