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General Contact Information:
Sonoma Graphic Products, Inc.
961 Stockton Ave.
San Jose, CA 95110

Toll Free: (800) 250-4252
Phone: (408) 294-2072
Fax: (408) 294-2045

Frank Sumner - frank@sgpweb.com
Phone: (408) 313-7922

Jeff Marasco - jeffm@sgpweb.com
Phone: (408) 294-2072

Mike MacPherson - mikemac@sgpweb.com
Phone: 925-787-7473

Orders: Place an order.

Sales: Request product information and price quotes.

San Francisco/North Bay/Oakland Area:
Doug King - doug@sgpweb.com
Phone (408) 701-7202

South Bay:
Diane Stevens- diane@sgpweb.com
Phone: 408-992-1839

Greater Sacramento and Valley/Hawaii:
Sommer Della Bitta - sommer@sgpweb.com
Phone: 916-501-4260

Seattle Area:
Chuck Vandervort - chuck@sgpweb.com
Phone: 206-235-4191

Pam Pare - pam@sgpweb.com
Phone: 503-317-6759

Portland Area:
John Cusack - john@sgpweb.com
Phone: 206-430-4268

Southern California:
Anthony Martinez - anthony@sgpweb.com
Phone: 626-594-8685

Dereck Cruz - dereck@sgpweb.com
Phone: 626-201-8932

Southern California: Inside Sales/Sales Support
Jackie Mena- jackie@sgpweb.com
Phone: 626-255-3533

Technical & Printer Support :

Jerry Lee - jerrylee@sgpweb.com
Phone: 408-313-2592

Josh Kamphouse - josh@sgpweb.com
Phone: 503-954-9884

Jonathan Delgado- jonathan@sgpweb.com
Phone: 626-359-0778

Shipping & Receiving:
San Jose Warehouse: Brad Holdsworth
Phone: (408) 568-0629

Seattle Warehouse: Mike Lopez
Phone: 206-575-6690

Portland Warehouse: Kevin Wheeler
Phone: 503-327-1313

Duarte Warehouse: Dave Hottenstine
Phone: 626-388-8411

Jennifer Salazares- jennifer@sgpweb.com
Marta Matos Espitia - marta@sgpweb.com

Customer Support:
Anna Gonzales- anna@sgpweb.com
Crystal Bejarano- crystal@sgpweb.com
Athena Rodriguez- athena@sgpweb.com
Marta Matos-Espitia- marta@sgpweb.com
Yahaira Lopez- yahaira@sgpweb.com
Sary Valenzuela- sary@sgpweb.com

Accounts Receivable:
Elena Kaplunovsky- elena@sgpweb.com
Crystal Bejarano- crystal@sgpweb.com
Sary Valenzuela- sary@sgpweb.com

Elena Kaplunovsky- elena@sgpweb.com
Toll Free: (800) 250-4252

SGP Print-Lab
Lunch Time
"Hands-On" phase of Wallgraphics Install
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